• Björn Wettermark, M.Sc.Pharm, PhD is head of the Department of Healthcare development at the regional health board of Stockholm, Sweden. This unit supports decision makers in the Swedish health system with guidance on contracting models as well as quantitative and qualitative analyses on healthcare consumption, quality of care, adherence to guidelines and the effectiveness of various interventions. Björn is also affiliated to the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and the Centre for Pharmaco­epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet as associate professor in pharmacoepidemiology. His research focuses on various drug utilization topics such as prescribing quality indicators, international comparisons of drug utilization, evaluation of prescribing doctors´ adherence to guidelines and intervention studies to promote rational use of drugs. Recent research includes health policy ranging from assessment of effects of various policy decisions to development of methods for the appropriate introduction of new medicines. Other commitments include membership in national and regional strategic groups on medicine management, scientific advisor to the Swedish Medical Products Agency (TLV) and chair of the European Drug Utilization Research group, the European chapter of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology.

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