• Bernard Vrijens is Chief Science Officer at WestRock Healthcare. He was General Manager of the AARDEX Group, prior to AARDEX becoming part of WestRock Healthcare in 2012. He is also Invited Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Liège, Belgium.

    Dr. Vrijens holds a PhD from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Ghent, Belgium.

    Dr Vrijen’s currently leads a research programme investigating  (a) the most common errors in dosing using a simple but robust taxonomy, (b) particular dosing errors that can jeopardise the efficacy of a drug, and (c) the optimal measurement-guided medication management programme that can enhance adherence to medications and maintain long-term persistence.

    Dr. Vrijens is a co-author of five book chapters, over 90 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and named as inventor on two patents. He is a founding member and managing director of the European Society for Patient Adherence, Compliance, and Persistence, and an active member of several EU- and US-funded collaborative projects around the theme of adherence to medications.

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