• Professor Hedvig Nordeng, head of the Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety Research Group, University of Oslo, Norway Dr. Nordeng joined the School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo in 2006 as associate professor. In 2011 she became professor with pharmacoepidemiology as area of expertise.

    She also holds a position as researcher at the Department of Child Health, Norwegian National Institute of Public Health since 2005.

    She has a PhD in drug use during pregnancy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo in 2005.

    Dr. Nordeng is the editor of a textbook in pharmacology for nurses and has authored over 100 scientific articles, book chapters and national guidelines on drug use in pregnancy and lactation.

    She is the holder of the ERC STG grant from the European Research Council “DrugsInPreganancy” and the head of the Norwegian PhD School of Pharmacy.

    She is the PI of the “Multinational Medication in Pregnancy” Study, involving 18 countries worldwide.


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